September 13th, 2012

On our bi-annual trips to the district meetings I came across a retirement party. The gathering was taking place at the West Central District Meeting and I was lucky enough to have brought my camera. Coming across a retirement party is rare enough, but this one was special because they were saying goodbye to 3 County Treasurers at the same time.

Retirement Photo 4

  • Susan Gieschen – Keith County
  • Maureen Hayden – Logan County
  • Judy Hosick – Frontier County

As you may have guessed, treats and presents were on the scene.  Everyone was having a great time wishing the best for the lucky three.  Larry Dix stopped by as well.  Come to find out, it was his birthday!


Retirement Photo 5


Moe wanted us to do a group photo, but if you know Moe, you know there has to be a fun twist in there somewhere.  She wanted to have a picture with everyone goofing off.  As Moe led, the rest fell in line and followed.  I tried to take photos while laughing the whole time.