Register of Deeds

County identification available via mouse-over.

Product Information


  • Numerical Index
  • General Index
  • State and Federal Tax Liens
  • Board Report
  • Statements
  • Doc Stamp Worksheet
  • Daily Cash Balance
  • Instrument Type Report
  • Fee Book
  • Edit Lists
  • Customer Roster
  • LB 14 Breakdown Report

Deed Tracker Features

  • Scans your documents directly into the system in tif format.
  • Tracks all of your accounts receivable transactions as well as your cash drawer and bank account.
  • Auto-completion of towns and subdivisions minimizes typing errors.
  • Automatically builds the legal description for you. Select your quarter or lot and block and the system will build the full legal ensuring consistency in your legal descriptions.
  • Instead of hand writing information into the Fee Book, Numerical Index, and General Index enter the information once and all of the reports will be generated for you.
  • Unlimited number of Grantors or Grantees per document.
  • Unlimited number of legal descriptions can be indexed per document.
  • Public access searches allow easy searches by legal description or Grantor / Grantee.
  • View the scanned documents on the screen or print out just the pages that are needed. This
    saves wear and tear on your hard copies.
  • Automatic updates ensure you are always at the most current version of the programs.
  • Easy to use User Interface allows you to enter information quickly while maximizing accuracy.
  • Automatically calculates LB 14 document fees based on the number of pages in the document.