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Product Information

The Budget system is a working area separate from the live chart of account files for preparing the county budget. The system will bring together both the clerk’s expenditures and the treasurer’s revenue accounts to produce a nearly complete budget that can be sent to the State Auditor’s Office once the budget is adopted. Worksheets can be generated for distribution to each department throughout the budget process that contain the previous three years of expenditures and the previous years adopted amounts.

Working through the budget process, there will be requested amounts, proposed amounts, and adopted amounts. The line items can be pulled up individually to enter these amounts, or there is the option to pull up an entire department’s expense or fund’s revenue budget and edit the budget in a spreadsheet type of layout. The system can move the amounts that have been entered in the requested columns to the proposed columns and from the proposed column to the adopted columns. Then changes can be made only to those accounts that need changed, so you do not have to retype the entire budget.

The system will run through the budgeted expenses and the budgeted revenues then compute the amount of property tax that will need to be collected for a balanced budget. Once the budget is complete, the system can then move the adopted budget figures to the Accounts Payable chart of accounts.