Nebraska Taxes Online

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Product Information

MIPS Inc. has created an Online Tax Collection System for paying taxes on the Internet. This service is not just for the benefit of taxpayers paying their taxes online via credit card, but for anyone needing to know a property’s tax status (abstractors, Realtors, etc). We put both the real estate and the personal property taxes online. The taxpayer can pay real estate back taxes online as well. All interest and advertising fees are calculated and added to the payment automatically.

This Internet Collection System front-end was written to work with any vendor’s real estate system.  We install a program on your system that will send payment information to our servers late at night.  So every morning the records on the Internet are current.  The county’€™s data can also be sent to us nightly via FTP.

We have priced the collection system very competitively.  Counties with less than 30,000 parcels are charged from $60 to $150 per month, depending on their size.  For counties with more than 30,000 parcels, the rate would be negotiated.  We have redundant servers in place so if one server goes down, the other can be activated to keep the online records available.  Here are some features of the Nebraska Taxes Online package:

  • Search property by statement, parcel, legal, name, or address
  • Graph value, tax and levy history
  • Redundant Servers
  • Dedicated broadband connection for the web servers
  • Pay first half, second half, or both halves with a credit card
  • Automatically calculates interest on back taxes
  • Automatically calculates advertising fee
  • Prevents current taxes being paid before back taxes
  • Indicates bankruptcies and tax sales in red
  • Tax collection information is updated from counties nightly
  • Accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and E-Check
  • Real Time online reporting (payments visible within seconds)
  • Capability to view or print collection reports by user chosen sort order
  • Report information is downloadable in many formats (Excel, Access, and comma delimited €œCSV€)
  • Payments also available via 800 number (Multilingual Operators)
  • Credit card funds are transferred to County within 48 hours
  • Low flat convenience fee of 2.49% (more on this below)

The convenience fee is the charge a taxpayer pays for the credit card processing.  We have negotiated the 2.49% convenience fee rate and you will find it is one of the lowest around.  For example, if your taxes were $500.00 then convenience fee would be $12.45.  Your credit card would be billed $512.45 (taxes plus convenience fee).  100% of this fee goes directly to our credit card agent for processing the transaction.  The only revenue MIPS Inc. receives is our fixed monthly fee the county pays.  Some counties are trying to get the county monthly fee to be paid by the commercial companies that would heavily use the lookup capabilities of the Nebraska Taxes Online system.  If you can get our nominal monthly fee paid for, then the county would get credit card processing and online lookup for free.

Not ready for collecting online tax payments via credit card?  We offer the Nebraska Taxes Online service in two flavors.  The first choice is with online lookup capabilities allowing credit card payments.  The second is online lookup only, without accepting credit card payments.  In the lookup only mode the user can do everything up to the point of selecting taxes to be paid.  We gray out the payment selection boxes and display a message that the taxes are available for lookup only.

Nebraska Taxes Online was written to be very clean and straight forward.  It only takes a couple minutes to make a payment.  We only put online the pertinent tax information needed to complete the collection process.  Counties in Texas, Colorado, and South Carolina reviewed our Nebraska Taxes Online system and were impressed.  With our online collection system there is no way the taxpayer can pay the wrong amount.  All taxes and fees are filled in for the taxpayer and cannot be modified.

More information can be found at the Nebraska Taxes Online website.