Assessment Package

County identification available via mouse-over.

Product Information

  • Abstracts for Real-estate & Personal
  • Certification of Value Letters
  • Certificate of Taxes Levied & School Reporting
  • Form 521 Entry and submission to NDR
  • Property Valuation Protests
  • Special Reporting & Integration
    • Growth by Political Subdivision
    • Multiple Valuation Composite Reports
    • Updating values from CAMA
    • Importing GIS Soils, Usage & Acres
    • Link to Register of Deeds
  • Valuation Change Notices
  • Valuation Change Postcards
  • Preliminary Change Notices
  • Allows attaching multiple documents and notes
  • Record growth, permits, land and lot information for all Real Estate records
  • Enter Mobile Home 521
  • Direct CAMA integration
  • Customizable Sales Questionnaire
  • Treasurer Notification of Name Change
  • Pictometry Integration

Computer Aided Mass Appraisal

The CAMA software package was developed to help Assessors in the process of valuing the different Residential and Commercial improvements in the county. The system is fully integrated with the Administration software. This allows the changes in names, legals, values and other information to flow seamlessly between the two systems. Some of the many features have been listed below.

CAMA Features

  • Uses Marshall and Swift costing tables
  • Integrated Sketching Module. After the structure is sketched, the program can update the appraisal record with the corresponding data.
  • Appraisal zones – With this feature, different neighborhoods can have a separate Marshall and Swift pricing tables.
  • User created searches – Allows for sorting on multiple fields and creating a subset of records. The searches can be saved for later use. Search fields can be printed or exported to a file.
  • Allows for attaching of multiple documents, notes, and pictures.
  • Unlimited site improvements
  • Residential uses the cost approach or comparable sales for costing
  • Residential appraisal record can have a sketch for the main structure and a separate sketch for the site plan.
  • Commercial uses the cost approach or income approach for costing
  • Unlimited commercial buildings per appraisal records.
  • Each commercial building can have up to three occupancies