Accounts Payable

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Product Information

The Accounts Payable system is used to pay a county’s vendors through each claim period.  The system is designed to be a very straight forward system by providing a simple user-friendly interface.  It has a top-down design for easy navigation as you move through invoice entry into the claim processing.  The system was designed to allow you to enter a vendor’s invoices into the system between claim periods and then when it is time to get the claims approved, the system will break each vendor’s invoices apart into claims based on the fund the invoices are to be paid from.

There are three options for running the checks/warrants to fit each county’s needs and using equipment that is already located in the county.  This can help to keep the initial costs of going onto the Accounts Payable system limited.

MIPS offers the ability to create an extract file that some counties find useful for publishing their expenditures in the newspaper.  This file can be loaded onto a PC and into an Excel spreadsheet, so that it can be sorted and edited into the correct format to supply to a newspaper or maybe even supervisors or commissioners.

At the end of the fiscal year, the system will help print budget worksheets that can be distributed to the different departments so that the department heads can begin computing what will need to be budgeted for the upcoming fiscal year.  Each month, the monthly expenditure report (operating statement) is generated and displays what was budgeted, the amount spent, and the amount remaining in each chart of accounts line item.

At the end of the calendar year, the system can produce 1099-MISC and 1099-R forms for distribution to vendors and prior service people that require the forms along with the forms for submission to the Federal and State entities that need them.