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Product Information

The MIPS Payroll System integrates with the MIPS Accounts Payable system to create those payroll deduction claims for such things as health insurance, retirement, garnishments, and disability.  It tracks employee contributions as well as employer contributions to every deduction each individual has, so all is set for the required employer health care on the W2 forms reporting starting in tax year 2012.  The system is built to handle 1, 2, 12, 24, 26 or 52 pay periods a year. Each individual within the system can be set up differently.

Direct deposit functionality is built into the Payroll System.  The Payroll System is setup in such a way that a county can pay some employees with direct deposit and others can still receive a check. The Payroll System also has the ability to keep track of vacation, sick-leave or personal time on each individual.

Each time a payroll is run, a file is created that can be transmitted to NPERS who then forwards the contribution information on to the retirement fund administrators.

We are full force in the digital age and with that comes electronic reporting requirements that just a few years ago were not required.  The Nebraska Department of Revenue has mandated that any employer with more than 50 W2s has to file those W2s electronically.  Previously, that number matched the Social Security number of 250 employees.  MIPS has built the process into the payroll system and a county can file that information electronically with both the Social Security Administration and the Nebraska Department of Revenue with one file.

Workforce Development is also requesting that you file your unemployment information with them in electronic format.  The Payroll System can create a file for you to upload so you do not need to fill out their online form for submission.  As more of these requirements come along, MIPS will work to make sure you have the means to get that information reported.